50 Sisterhood Events & Activities For Sororities

One of the best parts of being in a sorority is all of the fun activities that are organized on a regular basis. These events allow sisters to create a safe space, build trust with one another, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

If you're looking for inspiration and ideas for your next event,  you’re in the right place. We've come up with this absolutely epic list of unique and fun sisterly activities that you can organize with and for your sorority sisters.

These ideas can be adapted to all kinds of budgets, and are sure to help bring you closer together, let you learn new things about yourselves and each other, and allow you to support your one another/ community. 

How to Plan a Sorority Event

Planning is an essential part of the event's success. There are several aspects that you should take into account during the planning process to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Determine the budget

Although there's no shortage of free activities you can organize, there are instances where you may need to manage a financial commitment. Be sure to make a list of all the outgoing costs, including but not limited to venues, catering, entertainment, and any decor. And also determine what financial resources are available to support your budget, whether there are sorority budgets that can funding can be pulled from  or if there will be tickets.

Pick the venue

Can you do this activity outside? Do you need to rent a locale? Or can you host it at the sorority house? If you need to find a separate venue, do any of the sisters have connections, or is there a discount available for sororities? Alternatively, is there an opportunity to have the event as a virtual event?

Choose a date

Pick the final day and time of your activity and make sure your sisters know so they can mark their calendars and save the date. Have them sign up on a communal sheet or use a digital platform to collect everyone’s availability. And once you are able select a mutual date, be sure to send reminders so everyone remembers to attend.

Get supplies beforehand

If you’re going to be baking, make sure you get the ingredients beforehand. If you’ll be crafting, you’ll need to have the supplies ahead of time. If you’re organizing a dance or pajama party, you will have to have the speakers, food, and drink organized in advance. If everyone is going to have matching attire, be sure to -lace those orders early to get them in before the event. Check out our Sisterhood T-shirt bundles for your Chapter or inquire about our Wholesale Orders

Enjoy your sisterhood activity

Everything is prepared and everyone is ready to have a good time, so it’s time to have a blast at your sorority event! Now that you know how to plan the perfect event, here are a few ideas to kick off some much needed girls time.

50 Sisterhood Activities and Events

Keep reading for our epic list of ideas for your next sorority get-together.

  1. Take a day trip

Pack up the car, find the most inexpensive bus ticket, or head to the train station!  Enjoy a change of scenery while spending the day with your girls at the beach, in the mountains, or maybe don’t choose a destination just ride until you all feel it’s time to stop. Be sure to check out our Alpha Kappa Alpha Luggage Bags or Zeta Phi Beta Luggage Bags. We have them for a few other sororities too. 

  1. Organize a clothing swap

Ask your sisters to take a look through their closets and collect all of the clothes they don't wear anymore. Pick a day and time when sisters can bring their respective piles and trade. We will all be able to give our wardrobe a facelift while actually saving the environment!

  1. Head to Ladies Night

Gather up your friends and head to a local business in the area to enjoy some much needed girls time while supporting small businesses during the week.

  1. Movie Night or Binge-watch Party

Grab your sorority sisters for an afternoon and binge-watch your favorite series. Have everyone come in their pajamas and make lots of buckets of popcorn for the perfect rainy day activity. These Sigma Gamma Rho Joggers are perfect for movie night.

  1. Set up a community service project together

Have a brainstorming session where sorority sisters can talk about the local causes that are most important to them, take one and develop a plan of action to serve your community.

  1. Listen to a podcast together

What are your sisters most interested in? Personal development? Relationships? Fitness and nutrition? Pick a podcast on the topic, listen to a few episodes together, and discuss what you’ve learned.

  1. Do a drive-by birthday celebration

If sorority sisters have birthdays coming up, coordinate with the others to do a special drive-by celebration so your sisters feel loved and special.

  1. Organize a spa day

Facials, eye treatments, and massages! Get pampered, and pamper your sisters, by  spending the day together focused on self-care. Make your own homemade face masks and  pick matching mani and pedis.

  1. Attend An Event Together

Events are always happening in the area. Select an event together to attend and decide either to grab a meal before or after with your sorority sisters.

  1. Organize a business shower

Do any of your sisters have an entrepreneurial spirit? Have any recently opened a new business? Organize a business shower for her to celebrate this important milestone.

  1. Organize a gift exchange

Here's a great chance to get creative. Pick a budget (e.g. $15) or a theme (the planet)  and put all of the participating sisters’ names in a hat.  Everyone takes a name and gets that person a gift.

  1. Send out gratitude letters

Pick an afternoon for sorority sisters to show their gratitude.  Meet up one afternoon and have every sister write a gratitude letter to someone in their lives for whom they are grateful. You can add a special sisterhood lapel pen in the letter too as a nice touch. 

  1. Take A Walk With Your Sisters

Pick a dat where everyone gathers together and can enjoy a change of scenery

  1. Host a karaoke night

No more singing in the shower! Create a playlist of your sisters' favorite songs and pick a night to belt them out together.

  1. Get baking

Pick some of your favorite cookie and cake recipes and spend the day baking, and then eating, your favorite sweets.

  1. Journal together

Journaling is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.  Organize an activity where your sisters can meet up and journal together.

  1. Use social media to create a visual diary

Get your creative juices flowing with your sorority sisters by creating a visual diary together.  Not only will the process be fun, but you'll have a unique keepsake that you’ll love to watch months from now.

  1. Make crafts  for people in the hospital

Meet up with your sorority sisters one night to make cards or other crafts to cheer up and encourage people who are sick and in the hospital.

  1. Organize a pajama party

Gather as many sorority sisters together as you can and have a big slumber party, either at your sorority house or at a sister's apartment. Check out our cute sorority joggers for this special night too! 

  1. Go on a hike together

Get some fresh air and exercise by organizing a day hike with your sisters.  Head to a nice local area and bring a picnic lunch.

  1.   Organize a vision board party

Everyone needs inspiration for something! Gather together your sisters so that everyone can create their own unique vision board to provide them with the motivation they need.

  1. Support local businesses

Show your love for your community with your sisters by supporting the businesses in your neighborhood.  Go shopping together and stop for lunch afterwards.

  1. Set up a picnic in the park

Pick a day when the weather's going to be beautiful and organize a big picnic in your local park. Make sure sisters bring dishes for sharing and enjoy a meal together outside.

  1. Watch sports together

Support your university teams by going to a game, get tickets to watch local teams play, or gather around the television to watch a big game together. Tailgate or prepare a feast at the sorority house!

  1.   Organize makeup tutorials

Bring a bunch of your sorority sisters together and do each other's makeup. The girls can share their tricks and secrets and show one another the best way to apply makeup.

  1. Start a blog

You can use either your sorority’s existing website or buy a domain and have all of the sisters contribute to the website with articles, photos, videos, or whatever they want.

  1. Read together

Pick an afternoon when your sorority sisters can come together and bring their favorite books. They can read individually, they can read to each other, or you can pick a book and read it together.

  1.   Test your knowledge with trivia and other games

Organize an evening of trivia and other board games and let the good times roll. 

  1. Paint and Sip

It’s time to paint and test everyone’s artistic capabilities. Chose an item to draw and time for everyone to get to work.

  1.   Head to brunch

Vote on your favorite local restaurant for brunch and organize a Sunday morning outing with your sisters.  There's no limit to the bonding that can take place when there is good food and conversation.

  1. Showcase your talents

Do you have a sister that knows how to do magic tricks? Maybe one of your sisters tells hilarious jokes or another plays an instrument. Gather everyone together for a Friday night talent show to highlight their many skills.

  1.   Create a quilt

Bring your sorority sisters together to create a sorority blanket. Each sister contributes a piece of fabric and sews it onto the existing ones to create a beautiful piece of art.

  1. Visit a national landmark

Are there any special landmarks in your area? Organize a field trip with your sorority sisters for a day of culture and history.

  1. Get sewing

Support your local healthcare workers by organizing an activity where your sisters can sew masks and then donate to them.

  1. Set up a scavenger hunt

Split your group of sisters into two and have each half create a scavenger hunt for the other half.  

  1. Do yoga together

Relax with your sisters while improving your strength, balance, and flexibility with a yoga session.

  1. Create a scrapbook together

Let your sisters share their inner artist by creating a scrapbook together. Designate an afternoon or evening and work on this project as a group.

  1.   Prepare a movie night

Pick a classic movie that your sisters love or find a new release that everyone wants to see. Prepare snacks, hot cocoa, and lots of popcorn for the occasion.

  1. Reach out to older sorority members

Gather your current sisters together and let your older sisters know you're thinking about them.  Have everyone write a letter and send it off to your older sisters.

  1.   Paint each other's nails

Who wouldn't sign up for a mani-pedi night? Have your sisters bring all of their nail polish with them and paint each other's nails.

  1. Organize a meditation activity

Help each other focus on the present by meditating together.  Pick a morning where you sit together to meditate and talk about mindfulness.

  1. Go bowling

Get together as many sisters as you can and hit up the local bowling alley for some friendly competition and lots of laughs.

  1. Let’s Get Rolling

It’s time to get on the rink! Grab everyone one of your sisters by the hand and decide to take a lap.

  1. Have a dance party

Have each sister submit their favorite song and then curate a playlist. Have all of the sisters get together for a giant dance party.

  1. Charms and More Charms

Grab your favorite charms and beads and make the perfect jewelry keepsake.

  1. Create a flower garden together

Find the perfect spot outside of the sorority house to plant a garden. Each sister can be in charge of a different flower. Nurture it together and watch it bloom!

  1. Prepare cards for the holidays

Whatever the holiday is—Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter—gather the girls together and make handmade cards to send to friends and family members.

  1. Host a sorority fashion show

Ask participating sisters to pick their favorite outfit and create a runway in the sorority house. Sisters can share their fashion prowess and show off their unique style.

  1. Organize a sorority field day

Set up team-building activities and games like a water balloon toss and sack and wheelbarrow races.

  1. Hold a tie-dye party

Have sisters bring a white t-shirt and let everyone tie-dye theirs. Once dry, everyone decorates their shirts with the sorority’s letters.

There are countless ways to get your sisters together for fun, bonding experiences. It takes work to get it all organized, but it’s always worth it in the end. 

Download the Sister-ish: The Ultimate Sorority Guide so you can have these helpful activities are your disposal!


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