Planning Sorority Events For Your Sisters

In a true sisterhood, you have a sister behind you that will hold you up. Sisters alongside each side of you walk along a path ,and a sister in front of you to look to. And those bonds are strengthened through shared experiences together.

This checklist provides you with the essential steps to ensure that next sorority event is a huge success. :

A Step-By-Step Guide:


01: Select A Theme 

Choose a fun theme to get your sisters excited about the event.

02: Schedule 

Take a poll of when all your sisters are available using tools like doodle.

03: Location

Select a location or a platform such as Zoom to host your event and include that information on the invitation.

04: Experience

Define what EXPERIENCE will be the highlight of the event (ie.Candle making, fashion show, or community service)


05: Invites Say It All

You can choose to send an electronic or printed invitation to your sisters. (Paperless Post or Basic Invite are great options!)

06: The Keepsake

Provide a gift for your sisters to show your appreciation for their attendance.


07: The Moment

Be sure to capture the moments from the event with pictures.


08: Plan to Reconnect

Don’t allow too much time to past between you and your sisters before you connect again.


We are so excited because we don’t just want you to have successful events with your sorority sisters, we want you to continue to strengthen your relationships . And our Ultimate Sorority Guide does just that. It’s packed with over 40 + activities, planning resources, #mysisterskeeper challenges, and all the things. Download the Sorority Guide.