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Simply Unapologetik, LLC. presents Simply Charmed Greek. Simply Charmed Greek was established to nurture the bonds shared between sorority sisters across all Greek communities.

Sororities have maintained their longevity due to their ability to join women across all walks of life to build their surrounding communities and empower other women. Simply Charmed Greek provides jewelry and other novelty items to commemorate chapters and the unforgettable moments shared between sorority sisters.

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I was Initiated into........

I was initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated in the Spring of 2014.  My experience as a member has been one I wouldn't change for the world because each experience "required" me to become a better version of myself. Sometimes we go through life and become complacent with who we are and where we are. Being in a sorority, you will encounter challenges that will nudge you out of your comfort zone and you will foster relationships with women that are both resilient and intelligent. And in these seasons of developing and meeting sorority sisters from all over, the importance of being your "sister's keeper" is essential.

It is in those periods of development, we are most vulnerable because we have to address our insecurities and fears. As a sister, I have the responsibility to ensure my sister feels safe being her authentic self. It is in these moments of meeting sisters from all over, that no matter what walk of life we may have come from we are sorority sisters and I do not pass judgement. As a sister, I have the responsibility to "celebrate her." It is with this charge I developed the Simply Charmed Greek brand, with sisterhood at the forefront. 

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The S.C.G Collection



Each collection is composed of keepsakes that serve as reminders that no matter where life may take you, you and your sorority sisters are always connected.



Select pieces in our collections allow you to customize the attached charm with either chapter initials or personal initials.


Chapter Orders

Collections are designed with chapters in mind and are available upon request.