Should You Join a Sorority? 30 Awesome Reasons You Should

Deciding whether or not sorority life is for you is something many women consider when they get to college. 

Maybe you have preconceived ideas of what Greek life is like. Maybe you’re hesitant about committing to a group that you know nothing about. Or maybe you simply don’t know what to expect from joining a sorority.

The truth is that there are countless advantages to becoming part of a sorority and very few drawbacks. 

This includes the feeling of unity in being part of a sisterhood and having academic support from your chapter when and if you need it. It means being able to support philanthropic causes as part of a larger group and having access to future professional opportunities through networking.

Sororities also provide countless opportunities for personal growth and development, and they give you a place to meet diverse people and make lifelong friendships.

Still on the fence? Keep reading for 30 fantastic reasons you should join a sorority.

  1. Joining a sorority is like joining a giant on-campus family. You’ll instantly have sisters at your school, as well as in other chapters around the world.
  2. A sorority will allow you to connect with like-minded women who share your values and interests.
  3. Many friendships you make through Greek life will last a lifetime and those women become your sisters, you journey through life with. Celebrate with our perfect sorority gifts for any occasion.
  4. Being away at school can feel lonely, but by being in a sorority, you will have an extensive support system.
  5. Your membership doesn’t end when you graduate, you have a chance to join a graduate chapter.
  6. Participating in a sorority gives you access to a wide network that you can use when you are looking for an internship or a new job opportunity.
  7. You’ll be able to give back to society, as most sororities have targeted community service or philanthropic projects and are actively involved in helping the community.In fact, all Divine Nine Sororities were created with service as one of their key pillars. 
  8. By attending and participating in sorority chapter meetings, you will have an opportunity to develop public speaking by giving committee reports or organizational/ planning skills when coordinating campus events
  9. You’ll be able to wear your sorority’s letters proudly on your clothes, which are a source of pride,in honoring your sorority’s history. Our Divine Nine Collection includes Sigma Gamma Rho Joggers and Zeta Phi Beta Joggers any sorority member would be excited to wear. 
  10. You will have unlimited access to you sisters’ closets, making for the greatest girls night in, borrowing their clothes. 
  11. You’ll have sorority sisters to travel with on any occasion! Spring break, summer break, or holiday breaks, just to name a few. 
  12. You will have the chance to be mentored by other sorority members that will guide you and help you out throughout your university experience.
  13. It’s easier to be heard when you act as a large group as opposed to individually. Being in a sorority will give you the opportunity to make an impact, alongside your sisters.
  14. If you’re feeling down or discouraged, you will have a support system ready and waiting to help you however they can.
  15. Being in a sorority can give you a sense of unity. Our Sisterhood T-shirt bundles are a great choice for throwing and attending sorority events
  16. You have a guaranteed brunch date with your sorority sisters for any day of the week.
  17. Greek life provides an excellent foundation for networking with peers, beyond just your  university.
  18. Taking part in a sorority is a great opportunity for personal growth and development, as you will be enriched by the many new experiences you get to take part in.
  19. Sororities encourage you to continue evolving so you can reach your maximum potential beyond just graduation. It’s always about being there for every occasion.
  20. Your sisters can be a source of inspiration for you as they will bring different ideas and experiences to the table.
  21. You’ll be surrounded by other women who want to see you succeed: academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. Try using our Sorority Life Sisterhood Creed among your chapter.
  22. You’ll have the chance to develop time management skills as you learn to balance schoolwork, your social life, and your sorority commitments all at once.
  23. You will have an opportunity to learn about your sorority’s historic members and uphold their legacy. 
  24. Many sororities organize fundraising activities to provide their members with scholarships, which you could apply for and receive.
  25. Being in a sorority will give you the chance to develop social skills, as you will be able to connect with women from all walks of life. 
  26. Sorority life will be the source of a ton of fantastic memories that you will cherish throughout your entire life.
  27. You will have an opportunity to travel around the world to conferences that will allow you to connect with other sorority sisters. 
  28. You will gain financial skill sets as you incorporate sorority activities into your budget 
  29. You will have an opportunity to perform during Greek events and showcase your best stroll or step.
  30. You have an opportunity to pay it forward by introducing another women to your organization and helping them become a sorority sister

                                                              This list makes it pretty clear: Once you join a sorority, you gain a set of best friends, a new support system, and a second family. You have access to a busy social life, the wisdom of older sisters, and professional opportunities down the road.

                                                              So, if the question “Should you join a sorority?” still remains, remember this: Home is not a place, it’s a person, they say. In this case, it’s many people, a whole sisterhood. These women will become your home away from home, the people with whom you can laugh and cry, and the source of countless experiences during your time in college.

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