Sorority Life: How To Navigate Chapters

Once you join your sorority, the real work begins! And it may seem overwhelming at first being a new member and also balancing being active in your chapter but no worries we have you covered! We understand because we have been there! Here are eight tips to help you navigate your new chapter and ensure your success. We like to think of these tips as the beatitudes of navigating chapters:

  • Be Organized: You will need to maintain balance between work, business, personal , and sorority life. Having a calendar to write in your current obligations in addition to your sorority obligations are going to be so important so you don’t get overwhelmed 
  • Be Open: During chapter meetings choose to sit with other sorority sisters you haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with.  You have a chance to build your network of sisters within your chapter when you venture beyond those you know.
  • Be Sisterly: You are your sister’s keeper. Show up for your sisters and be there when she needs you.
  • Be Present: Show up and participate in events! It may seem matter of fact, but so important to attend chapter events that are both social and non social to continue building community;
  • Be Intentional: It is so important to be protective of your yes. There are tons of committees to join, don’t feel compelled to join every committee. Think about the things you are passionate about and join those committees that you are going to truly show up and contribute to.
  • Be Solution Oriented: You are going to encounter challenges and that’s okay! Before you consider escalating challenges to your chapter’s leadership, think thoroughly through alternatives. Don’t just bring problems, also think about the solutions
  • Be PreparedBring your documents to your chapter meetings. Show up to the chapter and committee meetings ensuring you read the minutes and or completed the tasks that were assigned to you.
  • Be Budget Conscious: Being in a sorority means adding a line item to your budget for sorority expenses which includes membership, conference attendance, committee ad hoc expenses, and traveling expenses

You are destined for success! We are so excited for all you will achieve in your chapter! If you are looking for more tips, download our Ultimate Sorority Guide. In the Sister-ish ™ guide, you will find ways to continue building meaningful relationships that you have established with your sorority sisters. Also check out our new collections for all of your Divine Nine Sorority paraphernalia or let us design a unique collection through our custom ordering process by selecting this link.