Sorority Girl Just Want to Have Fun

When it comes to sorority business, at the forefront is serving the community! And oftentimes it is so easy to get lost in all the details. And to add a layer on top of that we are all managing our lives outside of sorority life. Many of us have careers, families, and businesses that require our attention. And by the time we get to everything else that needs our attention, the furthest thing is actually spending quality time with our sorority sisters to decompress! 

And you wouldn’t believe it, but we all do this; we make the excuse of just not having the time! We don’t have time to plan to try to schedule because of our obligations and all of these points are valid! But we know every year we are going to celebrate Founders Day, Sorority Anniversaries, Homecoming, and all the chapter events in between. We say that to say we all look forward to sorority milestones year after year and we can definitely combine it with a trip. We are here to remind our sorority girls it’s okay just to have fun and we are going to make it easier on you to plan that next trip. Not only are we going to give you practical steps but we are also going to give you the top destinations domestically, so you can’t say well some of us don’t have a passport!  So let’s plan the perfect girls trip stateside and work our way to international: 

A Step-By-Step Guide:


01: Select A Theme  

It is so important to be intentional with each trip! What do you all want to walk away with? Do you all want to learn a new skill? Meditate and reset? Or dance the night away? Ask every sister what they want to walk away with after the weekend is done! 

02: Schedule 

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Plan in advance so everyone can take off and get resources in place while you all are together. Take a poll of when all your sisters are available using tools like doodle. From a budget and timing perspective allow at least  6-8 months prior to the trip.

03: Location

It’s nothing liking being all dressed up and no place to go! So here are the the top three destinations to have all your sisters vote on: ( Charleston,SC; Dallas,TX, and Miami,FL)

04: Experience

Define what EXPERIENCES you all want to have while on the trip by using the interests from the group! Everyone wants to be heard and making sure everyone has a hand in the decision making makes sure everyone can be fully present.


05: Invites Say It All

Look it’s time to lock a date in everyone’s calendar for an epic girls trip! No excuses because there has been plenty of time given to  plan ahead.

06: The Keepsake

Anytime you all go to a new location agreeing to pick a keepsake that everyone walks away with is a perfect way to remember the moment. Whether it’s a Tshirt or a keychain, any keepsake is a reminder of the time spent together.


07: The Moment 

Now you know we all love a good color coordination for a group picture together. You want to capture the moment the best way you can and a reminder it won’t be the last!  

08: Plan to Reconnect

Don’t allow too much time to pass between you and your sisters before you connect again. While on your trip be sure that you make a plan to either make it an annual adventure together or quarterly! Regardless of the cadence make sure you get it done! 

And trust us it doesn’t matter whether you are a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc, or Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc we know how important it is for sorority girls to get together and just have some fun!  

And if you don’t believe us, download our Ultimate Sorority Guide. It’s packed with over 40 + activities, planning resources, #mysisterskeeper challenges, and all the things. Download the Sorority Guide.