10 Misconceptions About Black Sororities

 Black Sororities are often known to be so mysterious in nature. However, there is a great pride amongst the NPHC community for their rich traditions and history and it’s time to put some of the misconceptions to rest.

  1. You Have to be Black: Members of the divine 9 community encompass women from all walks of life and ethnicities. Each organization values the individual contributions that each member brings to the table. Race is not a prerequisite to be considered a member.
  2. GirLS= Drama :  When you have tons of personalities with different experiences in a room, it becomes a melting pot of opinions and sometimes of objection. Keep in mind that you don’t always agree with your family members, loved ones, or even your coworkers, and it’s okay. Sororities are not exempt from strong opinions and disagreements, but what sets the relationships apart between sorority members, is their foundation is rooted in sisterhood. Though we may not be in agreement, one thing for certain is your sorority sisters care about your well being and are standing with you.
  3. After College Membership Ends: Many students decide to seek membership while pursuing their undergraduate degree. However, upon completing the  membership intake process, you have an opportunity to continue membership beyond college. NPHC Sorority members have a unique opportunity to join graduate chapters after graduating. As a member of a graduate chapter, you would be able to continue philanthropic efforts as well as expanding your sorority network amongst other women that have graduated from various institutions. Graduate chapters provide geographical flexibility as they are located throughout the state and even around the world so as your life may change due to family, career, or personal reasons.
  4. Let’s Party> Community Service: Yes, a benefit of sorority life is all the social opportunities. As a sorority member, you have a greater responsibility to balance your academic life and your social life or professional if you are a graduate member. It is easy to get caught up in the hype of stepping and strolling at the next event, but you also need to bring that same energy to chapter meetings the next day, community service every Saturday, and also in the classroom for finals. Or it maybe the boardroom for that big meeting.
  5. Academics Don’t Matter: Who ever said you don’t need the grades, just make sure you know someone and you will get membership, you are sadly mistaken. Students with a GPA lower than 2.5, please try to push towards a 2.7 before considering pledging. What many don’t realize, is not only does the corporate office have a undergraduate member gpa requirement but your chapter also will set one. When you fall below that threshold you are inactive and not allowed to participate in chapter activities.
  6. Expect to be Hazed : Every divine 9 organization has strict policies banning hazing. Those that decide to commit hazing are subject to the sorority’s disciplinary process and does not exclude legal ramifications. Each sorority holds firm their commitment and will not only expel members, but they will also do the same for entire chapters,
  7. There is No Work Required: Being lazy in the divine 9 community is not an option. Those that simply wear their letters are deemed letter wearers. They wear their letters and do no work. Becoming Greek is more than just putting on your letters and completing the intake process. The real works starts after initiation, where you are working within your chapter to execute key initiatives, increasing chapter presense on campus, driving your chapter’s community impact, and attending conferences to receive information.
  8. You Have to Step: You may not have a rhythmic bone in your body and that’s okay. A sorority is not inclusive of walking clones that all have the exact same talents. A sorority is a melting pot of so many talents and every sorority sister complements each other. In the areas where I am lacking I can lean on my sororities sisters who are stronger in those areas and that is a huge benefit of joining a sorority.
  9. Greek Life is Expensive: You may as well add your sorority to your budget because the rumors are true, yes it can be expensive. You will need to be in a financially sound place in order to remain active in your chapter. There may also be additional costs during the year as you participate on committees within your chapter which you may mean paying out of pocket. In edition there is also the costs associated with attending conferences which includes, transportation, conference registration, uniquely curated conference events, housing, and meals.
  10. You can’t be friends with people outside of your organization: Regardless of the colors we all wear, we belong to the NPHC family making us all one big Greek family. You are allowed to befriend members of other organizations and encouraged to as we are stronger when we operate together. And often this partnership is reflected in all the work done in the community as well as through the precedence of local NPHC chapters.

Please visit the corporate website of each sorority to learn more about each NPHC organization.

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