July 2020


IIn an effort to combat the rampant spread of COVID-19, we find the world quarantined and forced to adhere to social distancing. Such distancing has left many of us feeling disconnected from family members and sorority sisters . In addition to being isolated, we are also having to process how police brutality has been the cause of senseless killings of African Americans and how it is has plagued our nation.

Emotions are extremely high and now more than ever we need one another. Now more than ever we need our sorority sisters to know that they are not alone, that regardless of where we are we are connected.

One of the beautiful elements of sisterhood is that no matter where life tends to take us, it doesn’t diminish our sisterhood. No matter where you look, you have a sorority sister standing with you to journey through each chapter of your life.

So as sorority sisters, let us continue to be there for one another. Here are some ways to continue to stay connected:

 Hand write a letter to one of your sorority sisters. Share the latest updates about life, career, and family.  Ask her about what is going on within her world and if there is anything that she needs. 

Selecting fun stationary always adds the perfect touch. You can find sets at your local retailers in the area.

Sometimes due to professional and life experiences, some sorority sisters are not able to be around their family. For that reason, give those sisters a call to let them know they are not alone and hear their voice

Choose three sisters you haven't talked to in at least two weeks and schedule time in your calendar to catch up.

We are always on our phone either checking social media or lost in the hustle and bustle of the day. It takes less than 15 seconds to send a text to your sorority sisters letting them know you are on their mind.

(Next time, you find yourself on your phone send a text):

Hey Sis! I just want you know you were on my mind.